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Plan Your Timetable

Plan Your Timetable allows both prospective and current students to plan a potential timetable for different combinations of units.

To plan your timetable, select a year, study period, location and filter your search by Faculty/department/school and/or unit code or title and then click "Search Units".

Please note:
  • Class registration cannot be done from this page. You will be contacted by your Faculty Student Services Office each semester advising when you will be able to plan your classes and class register. Find out how to register for your classes.
  • Published timetables are provisional and subject to change at the University's discretion.


To add or remove multiple units, hold down Ctrl key


*If the unit is not offered in the year, study period or location selected, then it will not be shown in the generated timetable even though the unit may be selected on this page. Should you have any queries regarding units that aren't timetabled, contact your Faculty Student Services Office.